foo fan, I am admittedly addicted to everything about the foo fighters. also anything having to do with any of the members and their side projects! :)i love David Eric Grohl, Oliver Taylor Hawkins, Christopher Aubrey Shiflett, Nathan Gregor Mendel, and Georg Ruthenberg! they are some of my favorite people on the planet...EVER



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"You’ve probably been on the cover more than any artist in Spin’s history. […] There was a t-shirt one." (x)

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Foo Fighters accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Ooh look at me in a Cadillac
You can play in a convertible child
I’ve never been driven baby you’re the first
come on baby drive me wild, ooh

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Foo Fighters pay homage to Carrie (1976) with their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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Foo Fighters - Exhausted (Live at Reading Festival 2012)

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All that matters.


All that matters.

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Foo Fightes do the ACLS ice bucket challenge.

And win.

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