foo fan, I am admittedly addicted to everything about the foo fighters. also anything having to do with any of the members and their side projects! :)i love David Eric Grohl, Oliver Taylor Hawkins, Christopher Aubrey Shiflett, Nathan Gregor Mendel, and Georg Ruthenberg! they are some of my favorite people on the planet...EVER

"You’ve probably been on the cover more than any artist in Spin’s history. […] There was a t-shirt one." (x)

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Foo Fighters accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Ooh look at me in a Cadillac
You can play in a convertible child
I’ve never been driven baby you’re the first
come on baby drive me wild, ooh

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Foo Fighters pay homage to Carrie (1976) with their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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Foo Fighters - Exhausted (Live at Reading Festival 2012)

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All that matters.


All that matters.

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Foo Fightes do the ACLS ice bucket challenge.

And win.

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